I sit beside the fire and think of all that I have seen, of meadow-flowers and butterflies In summers that have been; Of yellow leaves and gossamer in autumns that there were, with morning mist and silver sun and wind upon my hair. I sit beside the fire and think of how the world will be when winter comes without a spring that I shall ever see. For still there are so many things that I have never seen: in every wood in every spring there is a different green. I sit beside the fire and think of people long ago, and people who will see a world that I shall never know. But all the while I sit and think of times there were before, I listen for returning feet and voices at the door.

-J.R.R. Tolkien, from The Fellowship of the Ring

*this is my blog... be sure to read often, because my life is constantly changing! blessings *

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September 29, 2007

What A Week!!!

Oh my goodness... what a week! This past week has been SO busy for me. I think you already know that we had homecoming this week. I obviously went to the dance, but then our game and parade was on Friday. So all week we've been working on our floats and lineup and stuff for the parade. I ended up holding the banner for the French Club in the parade... I was going to be a ghost (because our theme was Ms. Pacman) but at the very last minute (and I'm being literal, here!!) one of the Freshmen wanted to be a ghost, and I was already wearing some red shorts, so I was 'voted' to be the banner holder, and give the freshman the ghost costume. So I became a walking flag (because they had me wearing a blue t-shirt, red shorts, and white knee-high socks) of France, and me and another guy held the banner. We had an awesome car, too. We got an official 1970-something pace car from the Indy 500... it was so awesome! We pretty much had to run the whole parade, though, because the truck in front of us kept speeding up. Oh, and I officially don't like any of the guys who run cross-country! They were right in front of us, and they were talking to us the whole time, and about every 5 minutes they'd laugh at us because we had to run to catch up to them. I found it very ironic that we were running, and the cross country RUNNERS were riding! Oh well. I guess my muscles will get over it, although I'd rather they get over it soon! They're a little sore.
So after the parade we all had to go back to the high school and get our stuff. Then me and my friend Brian walked over to the library. We were planning on staying there until the game started, but we had a bit of a set back... as we were walking up to the library, Brian saw a sign that said the library was closing at 5:30... Brian goes, "Brit, what time is it?" I started laughing hysterically, because by that time, we were both really tired, and everything was funny. We got to the library at 5:15!!! So we called our parents, and then we walked over to McDonald's, got a McFlurry, and then ate and talked for two hours 'til the game started.
The game didn't start until 7, so we had plenty of time... it was really fun, though. We both learned some of the other's secrets... and Brian came up with the idea that we're going to write a book about our 'adventures' called, "The Amazing Perils of Brian and Brit". OK, so that's a bit corny, but we were really tired, and at the time, it seemed hilarious! Brian kept joking about how we act like a 75-year-old couple, because we both kept talking about which muscles hurt worse, etc...
So we walked over to the game at 7, and met some other friends at that time. I really didn't spend much time actually watching the game... I was too busy talking to friends, and oh yeah... watching Wilson!!! He was selling glow sticks, so I got to talk to him a little bit. Oh, and I forgot to mention that at the Mini-Olympics at school, he came and sat right behind me!!!
Then today my Dad and I went to the Purdue game. That was really fun, too. My face got so burnt, though! I was outside for most of the day on Friday, and then half of the day today, so my face is really red.
I'm also getting new glasses next week. My mom and I both went on Thursday and got an eye-exam. They said that my eyes have caught up to each other since the last time they checked my eyes, so they now had the same prescription. I really like the glasses I picked. They've got half-frames, so they blend in more with my face. Mom's look really cute, too. She didn't get the ones that I wanted her to have because she said they were too flimsy, but I totally approve of the ones she ended up getting.
Well, I better go. If you've got time, you should all check out the blog my mom's made to help bring my aunt home from Haiti... it's been 'newly-renovated' and it looks really awesome!

September 23, 2007

Homecoming Dance

Ok, I'm sure you're all mad at me because I haven't posted anything in, like, months! I've been sooo busy with school, and we're moving, so I've been helping my parents pack stuff up, and I haven't really found much time to do anything on the computer besides check my mail. BUT.... last night was extremely exciting. Me and my friends all went to the Homecoming Dance. It was much fun! The dance started at 8 pm, but we didn't get in until 9, because the line was so long for the sophomores. Apparently all of my class went! I met up with Ashley before going inside, cause we were calling each other pretty much every 10 minutes from between 7:30, and the time we got together. Once we found each other, her dad wanted to take a couple pictures, so we smiled for that, and then went and got in line. I think our dads talked for a while. Apparently they had a lot to talk about, because both of them gave us talks the whole way to the dance about kissing, being respectable, yada yada yada;) So we stood in line for a while, but we weren't idle. We were talking to everyone else, and then Brian didn't know what to wear, so he called and I had to give him a run-down about what other people were wearing. I pretty much had to tell him exactly what to wear, because he's very fashion-illiterate! He looked good, though, once he wore what I told him to... he even admitted that he looked good... lol! So we got inside, and we found another friend, Allen, already there, so we went in, found a table, and started dancing! It was a blast. I danced with Ashley (of course), and then Brian, Allen, and Ben (he's a sophomore, too). We also saw my french teacher from last year, so Brian and I talked to her for a little bit. The only disappointing thing about the night was that I didn't find Wilson until the dance was over. The lights were off the whole time, because the theme was neon, so they had the black lights on, but you really couldn't see anybody clearly unless they were right in front of you. I did see him, though, once the lights came on after the dance was over. I must admit, he looked pretty cute! Anyway, that was how my night went. When we finally got out of the building, I started looking for my ride, aka: my daddy! We were all still talking though, so that took a lot longer than it normally would. Still, it was a blast... I can't wait for next year! lol... so, I think that's pretty much the exciting part of my week. We're moving, so it's been a chore packing. I really haven't had much free-time this weekend at all, because on Friday night we were packing, all during Saturday afternoon we were packing and cleaning, because someone came at 4 and took pictures of our house to put a virtual tour of it online. Then I started getting ready for the dance, and went to that at 7:30, and didn't get home until 11 or so. I got some laundry done after that, and then went to bed. Today when I got up, though, my mom's blood was off, and so her legs and wrists were hurting. So since she wasn't really up for doing anything, I've been making dinner (parmesan chicken) and then she helped me make banana bread. I'm so hungry!!! Well, I better go... wouldn't want to ruin even more brain cells that I already have. just kidding. anyway, c ya!

September 12, 2007

Book of Secrets

Well, I thought I'd put this trailer on here, cause I wanna see this movie when it comes out. I'll have to post more tomorrow, cause I have to go to bed!

September 07, 2007

Another Post

Wow! So sorry that I haven't blogged in a while, but I've been really busy here lately with school and all the stuff that goes on after school... lol! I know that my mother would call this a very poor excuse, but it's true.
So here's how my week has went: On Monday, we didn't have school because of it being labor day, but we'd been camping all weekend, so we came home on Monday and spent all day working on putting our stuff away.
Tuesday was our first day back to school, so I went there and had another boring day in my school life. But as soon as I got home I had to take Sophie to the vet to get her shots and her matte all groomed out. I had to pay $100 dollars for that! Ugh
Then on Wednesday I went to school (big surprise, I know!) and then after school I had my musical auditions, which I must say went extremely well! We had to audition in groups of 4, so in my group was Ashley, Brian, Meagan, and me of course. Our audition wasn't until 4:15, but we all stayed after school and hung out until it was our time to go. We went into one of the band's storage rooms and practiced the whole time we were waiting! It was fun though, cause we got to hear each other's songs and give them tips and pointers on what we saw that they could improve. Then about 10 minutes before our auditions we came out waited, but we had to wait for about 20 minutes, because the teachers that were judging were running late. So when it was finally our turn, we walked into the theatre and all the teachers were in the back, so we all sat in the front row. They had us to sing first. Ashley went first; she sang 'In My Own Little Corner' from the Cinderella play. She did so good.... I made sure we all clapped at the end! Then Brian went, and then Meagan, and then *gasp* it was my turn! I was a little nervous, but not too much, because 2 or 3 of our judges are my teachers, so I was comfortable around them. I sang 'Part of that World' from The Little Mermaid. They were a silent for a few seconds after I was done, and they were still passing around my sign-up sheet that had all of my info on it. Then Mrs. Nieten sarcastically says, "And why aren't you in choir?!" I started laughing, but then the choir teacher, who also was a judge, told me I should seriously consider it, because I would make her day if I joined her choir! Of course, I was extremely happy, because that gave me a little bit of confidence. Then they had us read some lines from the play, and I was paired with Brian. If you know anything about Brian and I's relationship, you'd know that we act like brother and sister. It's so much fun to tease him and stuff, so we just pick on each other, back and forth, then we both burst out laughing... it's sooo much fun. So my roll was to play an over-bearing mother, and Brian was to be the whiny prince. I got so into it, because it was so easy for me to get in that roll; especially doing it with Brian! I guess Brian was cracking up as I was ranting out my monologue, becuase he knew that it was so easy for me. Plus, the itilicized words on the script said to 'rant with as much speed as possible without affecting the clarity of the words.' So I did it! It was incredibley fun, but after we were done, Ashely goes, "Brit, I'm mad at you." Obviously I asked her why, and she said it was because I did better than her! (We both read the same part, only at different times.) I thought she did extremely well, but I guess that's just because I was watching her. So after we were done, I called my parents and told them that we were done, and that I'd be waiting for them. Then the choir teacher came out of the theatre and pulled me over and asked me if I would join choir next year! I told her that I might, but I had other classes already filled in, but that I would try my best. So anyway, they went well!
After my mom picked me up, my whole family went "house-hunting"... my parents had a couple houses narrowed down so that we could start putting our house up for sale, and such and such. We've finally found one, and I love it! I get my own room (which I have now), but it's a lot bigger, and I'll have my own bathroom in my room! I'm so excited, because I get my own shower and everything! I think we're going to do my room in lime green and navy blue, with a movie theme... I can't wait!
Well, I need to go, cause I have to go to bed. TTYL!