I sit beside the fire and think of all that I have seen, of meadow-flowers and butterflies In summers that have been; Of yellow leaves and gossamer in autumns that there were, with morning mist and silver sun and wind upon my hair. I sit beside the fire and think of how the world will be when winter comes without a spring that I shall ever see. For still there are so many things that I have never seen: in every wood in every spring there is a different green. I sit beside the fire and think of people long ago, and people who will see a world that I shall never know. But all the while I sit and think of times there were before, I listen for returning feet and voices at the door.

-J.R.R. Tolkien, from The Fellowship of the Ring

*this is my blog... be sure to read often, because my life is constantly changing! blessings *

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April 30, 2007


Well, today wasn't all that fun. I've been sick all day (still) and for the better part of the day, I've been laying in my bed, watching movies. Now, since the movies were Lord of the Rings, everything was peachy, but when they were over, I had to go back and face the fact that I felt terrible!

I'm not going to school again tomorrow, which is why I'm posting at eleven o'clock at night! In fact, now it seems that Kiara has what I got. She and I were left at home tonight while everyone else went out to eat, but we had loads of fun. When everyone left, we had 'dinner' (I call it dinner, but neither one of us ate very much) and then we laid down some blankets on our living room floor, turned down the lights, and watched a movie. Kiara seemed to enjoy this part of the evening, because she got to sit and eat her Skittles, share popcorn with me, have her sippy cup out in the living room, and watch movies with her 'Boo' (thats what my little sisters call me... and my mom when I've done something really bad to make her aggervated!).

While I was laying down, watching the 3rd LOTR movie, Return of the King, my mom was in my room, working on the computer. At the very second to last scene, with Gandalf and Frodo leaving to sail into the Undying Lands, I started crying, and was laughed at by my mom. She thought it was rediculous that I like that story in the first place, and extremely crazy that I would cry over them! *Apparently, she doesn't realize their true, heart-breaking power :)*

Well, I believe I'll go and check out some of my other sites. I know this was a short post, but it's been an exremely un-fun day!

April 29, 2007

French Congres

Well, yesterday I went to the French Congres, and it was a BLAST! Me, Heather, and Brian (two of my best friends) went, along with three other freshmen French students, some juniors, and eighth graders. When we first got there, we played a game of 'How well do you know your French teacher?'. We totally won that game, because everyone who has Madame Tharp-Taylor as a teacher knows her really well... she's really nice. Anyway, our first competition was a skit. We did really good, but we didn't place. That kind of surprised us, because we got several good comments, and the eighth graders asked Madame if they were that good. We even had one group come up and ask us if we were fluent! I told Brian that we should have looked at them and said 'Desolee, mais je ne comprends pas' (that means 'Sorry, I don't understand') Still, it was a lot of fun performing. We worked a long time on it, and spent tons of time after school rehersing, so it was cool being able to show it to other students. My next competition was sight reading, and Brian competed in that as well, so we sat and chatted until we were called. Neither of us placed in that, but it was still fun trying. I went to recite a poem in French next, and Heath & Brian went to two other competitions. I was really nervous about this session, because I had worked really hard on the pronunciation for my poem, Dors Mon Enfant. It was even worse in the holding room, where we sat while waiting for the judges to call us, because most people that came in said that the judges were tough, and a ton said that they hesitated and/or forgot some lines, which we get marked down for. When I was called, I was still really nervous, and even more so when I saw the judges, but I recited the poem without hesitating, and I didn't forget any of my lines. I was just happy that I didn't forget anything! It seemed like the judges took forever in posting the results, but when they finally did, I was posted as getting 3rd place! I was really excited, so I called my mom and told her all about it! I felt really bad for Heath and Brian, though, because they didn't place in anything. I tried not to talk about it that much, but I was considerably happy from that point on! Eventually, on the final judging, I got moved up to second place! Needless to say, the day was really fun, but but by the time the bus arrived back at school, I was really sick. I still am today, so I'm not going to school tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll be fine in a couple days.
We also just found out that in 2 weeks from Tuesday, my mom and grandparents are going to Haiti for a week to visit Madisyn and have pics taken on Nana and Grandpa with her to prove that they have been with Madisyn before. Usually this means that we'll get Madisyn throughthe system quicker.

Well, I think i'll post l8r. bye-bye!

April 25, 2007

The Dinner Game

Well, today has been an OK day for me, but I've been kind of out of it. I fell asleep on the bus, and if you've ever been on my bus, you would understand that's almost impossible, because everyone's talking, the bus driver is talking over the loud speaker at everyone to be quiet, and nobody listens, so he just turns his country music radio station up louder. Trust me, it's terrible in the mornings! Anyway, the whole day was like that. I couldn't hardly stay awake during Geography, but then during Journalism/Broadcasting, we were testing the ENTIRE period, so that woke me up... a little! Then I went on to English, which was completely boring, but during French, we got to watch a french movie called The Dinner Game, which was extremely funny. It was about a guy who has to take an 'idiot' to this fake dinner party at which this guy and his friend make fun of all the idiots there all night without them every knowing. It was funny, though, because the main character's idiot happens to come to his house just as his wife leaves a message on their answering machine that she may leave him. Well, this 'idiot', Francois, tries to help our main character, and ends up shooing his actual wife out of the house, thinking that it was our character's girlfriend. In the end, it turns out that Francois learns about how he was supposed to be our character's idiot, but phones the wife, who got in a car accident and was in the hospital, that she should not leave him, because he felt extremely sorry for him, because his wife left him 2 years ago, and he never really got over it. Anyway, she at first thinks that her husband is feeding Francois his lines. He quickly assures he that he's at a telephone booth (which he isn't... he's exactly where the wife thought he was, but he wasn't being fed his lines). So she says that she'll call her husband in a minute, after she's had time to think things through. She almost immediately calls her husband, where Francois is, just jumping with anticipation, and as soon as the phone rings, he answers the phone! It was really funny, but I guess you just had to be there. Well, I'm going to sign off, because I'm watching 'Idol Gives Back.' It's really good tonight! Well, L8R!

The tallest you can ever be is when you stoop to help a child

April 16, 2007

You Know You're Obessed with LOTR When...

I found this online and thought it was strikingly like me! My comments are in parenthesis...

You start quoting from the movie as part of regular conversation. (That's me! Most people don't even recognize it when I do it, but there are the chosen few who are dedicated enought to recognize them)

You like to tell your mom that you are hungry by quoting: "Merry, I'm hungry." (Well, actually, this doesn't apply because my mom would look at me like I was nuts... whcih is a possibility!)

She used to just laugh, but now she says, "What would you like to eat, Pippin?"

You continually ask your parents for second breakfast. (I've thought about it before!)

All the staff at your local cinema knows you by your first name and even before you open your mouth to speak, they say "Ticket for 'Fellowship of The Ring?'" (If the movie was still in theaters... u bet!)

You hate Burger King food, butyou ate nothing else for a month to get the toys. (Toys? I didn't know they had toys!)

You've crammed up your computer's memory by downloading every single screensaver from www.LordoftheRings.net (No, my parents would be mad at me if I did that!)

You wander around the house in a knee length nightie, pyjama trousers and an unfastened dressing gown (to give you a train). You are trying to be an elf, and actually manage to forget that the nightie is blue with dolphins, the trousers have teddies on and the dressing gown is tartan. (Okay, how did they know that? I only do that when no one is at home!)

Your Lord of the Rings shirt has not yet met the washing machine. (I want one sooo bad! and no, I wouldn't want to wash it, for fear that something would happen to it!)

You don't have enough money to buy groceries for the next week before payday, yet you charge $50 on your credit card to get a three year charter membership in the official LOTR fan club. Who needs food anyway? (Seriously! I would, but I don't have a credit card!)

You refer to parts of your town as parts of Middle-Earth. (Yup!)

You wear hobbitish clothing as part of your normal wardrobe. (I don't wear stuff like that in public, but definately at home!)

You sometimes let your hair go curly after a wash, and then run around the house in bare feet yelling "I'm a hobbit!"

You hate it when Elves are only thought of as 'Santa's little helpers' and have tried to explain the difference between Santa-elves and Syrian Elves to your 5-year old cousins. (That does bug me! They steriotype elves so much)

You speak in Quenya just to annoy your friends. (I'm learning Sindarin, the language of the High Elves.)

You refer to regular elephants as oliphaunts. (Yeah, but most people don't catch it when I say it like that.)

While buttering a piece of bread, you suddenly think of Bilbo (remember when he was talking to Gandalf about feeling tired) saying that he felt 'like butter spread over too much bread.'

You renamed your car the Wraith-mobile. (I don't have a car yet, but if I did, I would name it Brego... That was Aragon's horse. Viggo [who plays Aragorn on the movies] liked that horse so much that after shooting the films, he bought it!)

You have a replica of The One Ring. (It is precioussss)

You are beginning to resemble a panda due to the fact that you've stayed up until 2 am reading and re-reading the great books. (It has happened on more than one occasion. Last night I stayed up until 3:45 changing my blog to a LOTR template... it's actually a Hobbit template.)

You actually managed to read the Silmarillion without being tempted to give up on this whole middle earth malarkey. (I admit it, I haven't read it all. I will one day, though)

You now have a lifetime fear of black horses! (No, those horses weren't really evil. They were born and bred in the black land, and raised to do Sauron's bidding. They couldn't help that.)

You haven't removed the soundtrack from your CD player since you bought it. (No, but I have all of the songs on my blogmusik mp3 site)

You have sssudenly developed a hisssing lisssp every time you sssay the letter ssss.

You have looked both on the net and in the phone book to see if archery and sword fighting lessions are offered in your area. (Actually, I think taking lessons would be very fun and interesting.)

You have begun calling your husband / wife / girlfriend/ boyfriend / animal or kid my precioussss.

You happily traveled over an hour to the next town to see "it" because that theater has a better sound system than the one 5 minutes down the road. (We didn't travel an hour, but it was probably thirty minutes)

You have called every theatrical or specialty makeup company in town looking for pointy ear or hairy feet prosthetics. (I would LOVE to find pointy ears!)

You've worn your plastic "one ring" that came on your Legolas bookmark so much the gold is completely worn off. (No, I held it too valuable to let it look that bad.)

You've begun drafting a letter to the Webster's dictionary people requesting that they include "Ringers" in their next edition. (I think they already have.)

At Christmas time relatives find you chatting with the tree and sharing eggnog draughts

Single ads with the description," short plump and big hairy feet" seem much more appealing.

You know The LoTR history better then your family history. (Yeah, that sounds like me. I am constantly having to explain things to my Dad, who is in his fifties, and he read them first!)

You have a mouse named Frodo, a bird named Gollum, and a dog named Gandalf. And that cat that keeps coming around to be petted is Legolas.

You know Elvish better then English. (well, no, but I do know several phrases.)

Whenever something goes wrong, it's Sauron's fault. (of course. who else?)

When you sing in the shower, it's always about Gil-Galad or hobbit walking songs... (gosh, they are good!)

You know everything about Middle Earth geography, but you can't get someone from your house to the ice cream parlor. Now the nearest movie theater, that is a different story. (That is so me!)

You think the names of the 7 dwarves from Snow White are: Gimli, Gloin, Thorin, Gili, Nili, Ori, and Bambour. (Yes, but they spelled Bombour wrong. They spelled it with an 'a'.)

You have developed your own special Tolkien handwriting. "A firm, flowing script..." (Yeah. That's what any loyal fan would do!)

Words like "Yrch" make sense to you. (Yeah! As an FYI, "Yrch" means Orc in elvish.)

You've become strangely obsessed with mushrooms. (How did they know that?)

Whenever you close a door, you say "They have a cave troll!" (Yup. And I even roll my head around like Boromir, too.)

When you come to a dead end you're still convinced that the road goes ever on and on. (...Down from the door where it began.)

There's a sign on your door saying "Speak Friend and enter!" (No, I had never thought of that, but it's a great idea! I bet no one would get the pun, though!)

Whenever you get a chance, you burst into song. Preferably one that has more than 20 verses. (Yeah. Only when I'm alone in the house, though. I don't want to damage anyone's ears.)

You change your name by deed poll to a Tolkien character and seriously consider naming your children after LOTR characters. (I beg my parents to let me change my name all the time, but they never let me. That would be sooo awesome, though! My elvish name is Seremela Felagund.)

Every time you see birds in the sky you have the urge to say "Fly you fools!" (Yeah, but they never pay any attention to me.)

When someone knocks on your door you grab them, pull them inside and ask "Are you frightend?... Not nearly frightend enough!" (Yeah, and I even wear my travel-stained cloak and mud-crusted boots. Did you know that Aragorn is really 87? The Dunadein were born with unnatural long life, because they had elvish blood in their veins, along with Men's.)

Your computer's screensaver is a marquee reading, "Ennyn Durin atan Moria: pedo mellon a mino" and the password is actually "mellon". (I actually have made that a password before. Mellon, for those who don't know, is 'Friend' in Elvish.)

You cannot see a beer without blurting out "It comes in pints? I'm getting one!" (Well, I don't drink, but if I did, I'm sure it would occur.)

You just can't keep yourself from saying "nobody tosses a Dwarf" at inappropriate moments. (Only when nobody is around!)

A shadow and a threat is growing in your mind. (Why? Is a shadow growing in the East? Are there whispers of a nameless fear?)

You now referring to your friends as your 'Fellowship' and insist that you have epic adventures. (No. My friends won't let me!)

You stand in the doorway and tell your cat that he 'Can not pass'. (I do, but for some reason, she always jsut looks at me and goes in between my legs. The Balrog did NOT do that!)

You wash your face in the sink and expect to see things that are, that have been or that will be. (Toatally! If only I had Galadriel's real mirror. How awesome would that be?)

Your wedding band has started to weigh you down with it's evil powers. (Well, I don't have one, but...)

Spending $35 at the grocery store seems expensive but its Perfectly fine to spend $70 on the Hardcover LOTR book with Alan Lee Illustrations. (That would be really cool. Allan Lee is a really good artist for the LOTR stuff. He had the original art ideas for the movies.)

You start keeping a LOTR Journal to write poems and inklings in. (Actually, yeah, I do!)

You face every difficult decision with the thought "now what would Gandalf advise me to do?" (Yeah... it's WWGD)!

You know what Entmoot, Ent draught, or an Ent is, for that matter (Of course! who doesn't!?)

You've gained 20 pounds because you've started eating a "Second Breakfast" (No, even I am not THAT extreme!)

A walking stick... you never leave home with out it. (I don't have one, but if I did, I would definitely take it with me!)

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to Lord of the Rings. (of course!)

Anyway, I know that is corny, and nobody but me and other LOTR fans would get, but still!...

April 14, 2007

It's Another Weekend...

Well, it's a new weekend, but (unfortunately) nothing exciting is happening. It has snowed and rained all day, so we really couldn't do much. Plus, it's been really cold.
Last night my mom went and got probably 9 full garbage-sized bags of clothes for Madisyn. Even though she got a bunch, I got a TON! I've already done 4 loads of laundry with just new clothes, and I still don't have them all washed. I was sooo excited, because there was really cute clothes that fit me, and they were name brands. I got a bunch of stuff from Abercrombie, American Eagle, and Hollister that look (and probably are) brand new. It was awesome!
My best friend, Heather, was supposed to come and stay the night on Friday, but she ended up not being able to come, which was a bummer. I think tomorrow, though, we're going to go see Meet The Robinsons in 3-D, so that should be fun. I don't think we're going to be able to go to church, though, because my mom and 3 little sisters are all sick, and Ruby has a rash all over her back and face. You wouldn't notice them if you weren't looking for them, but Ruby has little bumps all over her. They almost look like goose bumps that you would get when you're cold. But, like i said, they really aren't that noticeable.
On Tuesday my parents are going with my aunt and uncle to Chicago... again.... to take their dossier and get it finished. I'll probably be extremely bored that day, because nobody will be around my house, but I usually sing until my throat gets sore when nobody is home, because I can't when there are a bunch of people in the house. Even when i am babysitting the little girls, we sing all the time. That's how they end up memorizing the lyrics of all my favorite songs!
Well, I think I better go, because I want to add some stuff to my blog. If you noticed, I put a Lord Of the Rings music video on here. I was SO excited because that is my favourite book and movie of all time, and I loved that song, so i thought it was extremely cool that I found it. Anyway, got 2 go! L8R

April 11, 2007

My Week So Far...

Well, for me, this week has been sort of sluggish. Last week was Spring Break, so having to go back to school was sort of a bummer. It's actually been kind of fun, though, because we're really not doing anything important. In Geography, we have to watch this 7 hour movie called Ghandi, which is going to take 3 blocks to watch... and even though it's boring, we don't have homework, so that's a plus
In Gym we're taking a self-defence class, and it's EXTREMELY fun. We get to learn how to fight off attackers with only a couple blows, and how to break their nose, and stuff like that. It seems kind of gory, but it's really fun. I kept joking with my friend, Bryan, that if he ever tried to attack me, I could totally beat him up. He quickly assured me that he wouldn't, but he didn't believe I could really take him out... I almost want him to try just to prove him wrong!
Well, I gotta go, because American Idol is on, and I want to see Sanjaya go home! L8R.

April 04, 2007


Well, I know I haven't blogged for a while, but you really weren't missing anything! All this week is Spring Break for me, so I've been enjoying it! We stayed home this time, but on June 8th we're going to Florida for over a week, so that should be exciting! We're going to Disney world, the beach, and a bunch of other places, so I'm really excited about it. There could be a problem, though, because it's very possible that Madisyn would be ready to come homeduring our vacation, and in that case, mom and dad would fly with my nana and grandpa to Haiti, and the little girls would drive back with Kyle and Angela, and I would have to fly by myself back, and have someone pick me up at the airport, because there wouldn't be enough seats in the Caswell's car for all of us!
This week, my best friend Heather went to Mississippi with her dad and older sister on a missions trip for all the families whose homes were wrecked by hurricane Katrina. Her whole church had the opportunity to go as a group, so they set up a blog for while they were down there. The URL is
http://springbreakserve.blogspot.com/. I haven't checked it out yet, but she said that it'll show what they're doing.

And I forgot the best news of all! My aunt and uncle on my dad's side are going to adopt Madisyn's little sister, Loudnie, who is 6! We were all really excited... obviously! My mom has been helping her gather her dossier all last week and this week, and as of tomorrow, it should be done! This is her right here...

isn't she adorable? I think she is! Well, i need to go. TTYL